Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Gators are playing tonight, and even though my eldest has a sticker on his computer that says "A quality university needs a football team like a fish needs a bicycle", we love our Gators in Gainesville! Heck, when the Gators lose I'm tempted to sue the coach for loss of consortium, 'cause my poor dear husband is so despondent.

But this cooler fall weather reminds me too that it's time to get on the road and do some research. This time, I think it will be a day trip to St. Marys, Fernandina and St. Augustine. One of the best parts of setting stories in 19th C. Florida is having a good excuse to put the top down on the Sebring and hit those back roads, looking for local color. After all, the trip to the Cracker Museum in St. Augustine helped with Smuggler's Bride, so I'm hopeful that visiting the haunts of privateers on both sides of the war will be a plus for my WIP.

And besides, any excuse to hit some of the fine eateries in St. Augustine is a good thing.

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