Sunday, April 30, 2006

How do you say "I write hot pirate romances!" in German?

The novels of Darlene Marshall are going international! I've received an offer from an overseas publisher for German language editions of my books Pirate's Price, Smuggler's Bride and Captain Sinister's Lady, and I'm very excited at the prospect.

At first I thought the email making the offer was some kind of weird spam scam, but I checked it out with a friend who does German translations, and who I hope will be doing my books, and she assured me it was legit. So now I have a foreign rights agent, which makes me feel all hoity-toity. Believe me, I'm going to dine out on this one for a while.

And my family is quite impressed. As my eldest son said, "Mom! You're going to be the David Hasselhoff of pirate porn!"