Monday, April 24, 2006


From The Road to Romance:

Amanda Stephenson boarded the ship bound for America with high hopes in her heart. Recently widowed, and impoverished, Amanda had decided to travel from Yorkshire to America to live with some of her former husband’s relatives. She hoped that she’d be able to eke out a living making scented soaps and creams for the American ladies using the coveted recipes passed down to her by her famed Brooke ancestress.

However, fate has other plans for Amanda, and adventure shows up to claim her in the form of a pirate-turned-privateer, Captain Sinister.

Morgan Roberts, a. k. a. the notorious Captain Sinister, finds Amanda’s ship foundering, and, since his new profession as a wrecker and privateer allow it, goes in to offer ‘assistance’. Captain Sinister’s assistance, however, includes making the crew row to shore and taking everything that’s not bolted down - which is, of course, what any other good wrecker would have done. Unfortunately, Captain Sinister’s ‘assistance’ also puts Amanda in need of medical care. Fearing that the lady, whom he’d injured unintentionally, would sicken and die if left unattended on the shore, Morgan decides to simply take her with him.

Amanda awakens to find herself aboard the pirate/privateer ship the Zephyr – and being looked after by a big bear of man with long midnight hair and a pirate’s black beard. A missish young lady may have fainted, discovering herself injured and nearly naked in a pirate’s bed, but Amanda is made of sterner stuff than that, and demands her release.

Captain Sinister finds himself fascinated by the voluptuous, and spirited, lady now ensconced in his cabin. Her lush curves and ladylike ways prove difficult to resist, and Morgan decides that he must have her as his permanent prize. Intending to make her his wife, Moran sets out to romance her. However, as a lifelong pirate and seaman, his skills with the ladies are limited.

CAPTAIN SINISTER’S LADY is a sweeping tale of deep love, unexpected characters and intriguing history. Author Darlene Marshal provides readers with an emotionally satisfying read woven skillfully together within the rich tapestry of history. Her characters are cleverly brought to life upon the page, and her hero is positively irresistible, with hidden depths and an endearing softer side. The historical backdrop of seafaring pirates off the Florida coast is fabulously written, and obviously well researched, providing a sturdy basis for the romance that blossoms between two such unlikely lovers.

Marshall writes with skill and depth, drawing readers into the lives of her characters, and providing the “get away’ experience that every romance reader craves. CAPTAIN SINISTER’S LADY is a must read for anyone who loves a good pirate tale and longs for a little adventure!

Reviewed by Janean Nusz for The Road to Romance

April 14, 2006

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