Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I dropped by Goerings Books today and was thrilled to see their display of pirate literature for young and old, including three novels by Darlene Marshall. I also got to spend some quality time discussing sf and fantasy books with Mary Ann Evans, who's been working at Goerings 'bout as long as I've lived in town.

Independent bookstores offer so much, and a well educated and well read staff is near the top of the list of those offerings.

I also got over to the Children's Home Society of Florida to drop off a box of well loved, but now sadly neglected children's books from when my boys were small. I'm not giving away all their books, after all, someday I may have grandchildren come to visit, but I felt these would do better in a new home. The books will be distributed to children within the Society's programs, and I'm sure they'll be appreciated all over again.

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