Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My Worldcon Program Schedule

Panel 1:  Thu 8/24  2:30 PM, 60-90 minutes.
Participants: Fiona Avery,Eric L. Hoffman,Darlene Marshall(M),Fiona Patton
Precis: Here are activities that give us great personal pleasure
but somehow, down deep inside, we're just a bit ashamed to
admit that we like the Smurfs... or bowling... or mud
wrestling. Hear people reveal their Guilty Pleasures and
why they indulge.

Panel 2: Thu 8/24 5:30 PM, 60-90 minutes.
Participants: Paula Guran, Barbara Hambly,Nancy Holder,Darlene Marshall(M),Sharon Shinn
Precis: It used to be easy. This book was in that genre; this book
was in this other genre. Now the lines aren't so clear.
There seems to be a boom in romance novels and stories
involving the paranormal, fantasy, and SF. Why is this area
booming? Are romance readers looking for more? Or are the
SF fans looking for romance? Or are the readers coming
equally from all camps? And what does it take to make one
of these work? Hear all about it from some of the people
writing them.

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