Monday, September 11, 2006

Worldcon was great fun and I spent time with friends old and new. I believe my two panels went well, based on the audience response and the feedback afterwards.

Guilty Pleasures was enhanced by the last minute addition of NESFA megafan and editor Priscilla Olson, who admitted to being a Yankees fan in Red Sox territory, and if that's not a guilty pleasure, I don't know what is! Eric Hoffman talked about his love of cheesy monster flicks, and Fiona Avery added to the mix as we kept a lively discussion going over what does or doesn't constitute guilty pleasures in fandom and in general society. I was quoted in the con newsletter the next day for opining that celebrity slash isn't as squicky as it sounds 'cause it's not about real people, just celebrities.

Our Paranormal Romance panel generated discussion about inroads being made in sf by readers and writers who value a good relationship at the core of the story, and whether the "happily ever after" ending is necessary for it to be a paranormal romance. I tried not to act like a total fangirl with Sharon Shinn, but she is one of my favorite fantasy authors and it was hard to hold back. Nancy Holder said the Bombshell line of stories has been dropped, but her trilogy has been picked up by another line so she's in good shape for getting her stories out. And Paula Guran of Dark Echo unveiled some amazing promotional materials for upcoming releases, showing that the publishers are listening to the readers who want more emotional involvement with their characters. Barbara Hambly seemed a little lost at first over her involvement with this particular panel, but by the end everyone was fully involved in the discussions.

I worked hard at L.A. con IV in Program Ops and during the Hugo Ceremony as a Hugo holder, and as usual enjoyed the con more because of my involvement in the process. I won't be going to Nippon, but I'm looking forward to Boskone this year in February, and Denvention in 2008.


Fiona Avery said...

I really enjoyed our panel on Guilty Pleasures. It was a kick.

And I recognized you up there as one of the Hugo Holders. How fun!

Darlene Marshall said...

Thanks, Fiona! Working the Hugos was great, even if they wouldn't let us peek to see who the winners were.[g]