Sunday, January 28, 2007

Why I'm not writing more, or excuse #285: Office painting

So last week I had the room formerly known as "Guest Room", now known as "Darlene's very own private space that you'd better not enter without knocking first and don't even do that if I have the 'do not disturb' sign up" painted. I still love the whiff of oil paint that drifts down the hall every so often.

But I'm not moved in yet, and all my books are scattered about the house. There's new hardwood flooring going in next week, and I got the bookcases painted. So, since we have the freshly painted bookcases in the middle of the room and the floor consists of torn up carpet with a lot of dangerous nails poking about, I can't get in there. I find myself unconsciously reaching to my left for the reference books that used to be literally at hand, on the shelf on the bookcase next to my desk. Alas! They are now somewhere under my dear husband's summer suits which also vacated the former guest room.

But it's going to be fab when it's done. I have one accent wall in a deep, rich, creative red, and the remaining four walls are a soft gold. And the bookcases are now a warm pale taupe. I'll post pictures when I get moved in.

*Sigh* A space of my own. I can hardly wait.


Beth said...

There is nothing like having a space of one's own. And a newly painted, freshly organized space is particularly wonderful. May you spend many happy and productive hours there. (Hint: disconnect the internet...)

Darlene Marshall said...

>>(Hint: disconnect the internet...)<<

That is so true. I am getting a little better about not checking my email every time I hit a bump in my writing. But I can improve on that as well. Curse you, DSL wireless!

Anonymous said...


Wish I could use that as an excuse for homework. =|