Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I spoke today to the University Women's Club and I was on fire. No false modesty here, I was snappy, I was organized, I was funny, and I sold through most of my stock of books. Not a bad day's work.

My talk was "Female Pirates: Good Girls Go To Heaven, But Bad Girls Go To Sea", and it was fun putting it together. This gives me a second presentation I can pull out when asked to speak, my other one being "19th C. Florida Pirates". I'll be doing that latter one in June at a branch library nearby. But today's talk was fun because getting to speak to a women's group about women pirates just seemed so right.

I'll be able to pull the notes out again in a few days at Boskone, when I join Jane Yolen for a panel on "Pirates in Petticoats". I'm already hearing from people who are saying they're planning on attending that session, so it should be lively.

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