Monday, June 25, 2007

Tales of Remodeling
Yesterday I was making a run to Home Depot to look at bathroom fixtures, grab bars, and doors. I need three doors, two pocket doors and one door for the toilet stall. I told the guy at Home Depot, "I was at a friend's beach house and she had the most beautiful pocket doors. They had glass insets and added a lot to the look of the room."

"Oh, you want to see these doors!"

He then took me to a display of beautiful doors, far from utilitarian, and I pulled out the brochure.

"I like this one with the 'bamboo' glass."

He looked over my shoulder and said, "Congratulations! You just picked the 2nd most expensive door in this line."

"My husband says it's one of my talents, being able to spot the most expensive item in the store," I said glumly.

However, there were some lovely doors with frosted glass privacy panels that were substantially less. I need to check with my contractor on allowances to see where they fall in our proposal. He already told me if I wanted cream colored instead of white toilet and tub I'd pay substantially more, so I nixed that! The tub's going to be mostly surrounded by tile--you won't see the interior unless you're standing right next to it looking down, and the toilet's in its own room, so standard white is fine. But I may be able to nudge the figures if I want a particular door.

But then last night I thought about it while I was getting ready for bed. My husband turned on the light in the bathroom and pulled the door closed and I thought, "Duh! If you put in a pocket door with a glass panel, then every time someone's up at night the light shining through the door will wake you up!"

So I feel better now. We're still well within budget, which isn't saying much since work hasn't started yet, but at least I'm not getting too carried away.


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