Thursday, November 08, 2007

My job with the Alachua County Library District Foundation this past year was to oversee the renovation of one of the utilitarian meeting rooms at the main library, turning it into a board room for the Foundation and trustees. We were underwriting the cost of this project, with the library picking up some of the tab for wiring and related expenses, since their staff will use it for training.

We had our first meeting in the new room yesterday and it was spiffy. A beautiful wood conference table, comfortable leather armchairs, flat screen HD TV that can be used for presentations to prospective donors and board members--it was all good.

I was pleased to be given the responsibility for this project and I look forward to using it for fund raising for our library endowment fund. It'll be even better when the library follows through on the next renovation project, putting in a coffeebar.

Oh, and I used the userpic of my German edition novel, because my book donation was the seed for the first German language novels to be added to our foreign works collection. Wait until my Estonian editions are released!

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