Thursday, February 28, 2008

Help P&E!

You know the saying no good deed goes unpunished? Preditors and Editors is a site that helps keep novice writers from being ripped off by scam artist agents and publishers. They're one of the "go to" sites I always recommend to folks wanting to be published. Their services are free. Now they're being sued by someone claiming to have been libeled by them as a scam artist. I believe P&E will be fully vindicated, but they need financial help to mount their legal defense. If you're a writer who's ever used P&E, now's the time to step forward and help them. Go to their website and make a PayPal donation to their legal defense fund.

The internet is full of shady publishers and agents. There are few out there protecting the newbie writers, but P&E has been on the front lines for years doing their best.

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