Monday, December 22, 2008

I Love Google!

Yesterday I talked at another blog about Googling myself, and mentioned that I have Google set up to give me a daily digest of mentions of my books. Today's digest included a listing from a library in Estonia showing the circulation record for Salakaubavedaja pruut, aka Smuggler's Bride.

I don't get nearly enough email from fans in Estonia, but it's good to see they're reading my books.
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Jenny Graman Meyer said...

Hey Eve,
Thanks for playing along with the Bookwormed. Any idea when the next book will be coming out?

I really need to set up the Google alerts for myself. I have several friends who do this. It must be interesting to see what gets posted. Estonia! Very cool.

Darlene said...

My agent has two of my manuscripts, including one I just finished at Thanksgiving. I'm optimistic. In the meantime, I started work on my sixth historical. Writers are like sharks. If we don't keep swimming, we'll drown.[g]