Wednesday, February 11, 2009

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I Don't Hate You, I Hate Bad Grammar

I saw a note today about stopping hate crimes on Facebook. The group mentioned had a tongue-in-cheek name/purpose that might offend some people. I got that. For the record, I just want to say that because I'm a member of "If You Can't Differentiate Between 'Your' and 'You're' You Deserve To Die", it doesn't mean I truly think you deserve to die.

For cryin' out loud though, learn the difference! It's a simple fix! You're driving me crazy when you do that, and so are your friends!

I'm not always 100% perfect. I still have problems on occasion with "who" and "whom", "might" and "may", "that" and "which", though it seems simple enough. Sometimes I write "towards" rather than "toward", 'cause I'm a Southerner. But I'm trying to get better! I want to be corrected when I make an error! I want good editors to proof my work! I need the tough love.
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