Monday, July 27, 2009

When is it the right time to have sex?

Yes, I thought that would catch your attention. I've been spending all morning crafting the first full sexual encounter between my hero and heroine, and only a few moments ago realized it's too soon for them. Oh sure, I could make it work, but I feel with this story, with these people, I'm better off holding off, and later on the time will be right.

Some people think that romance novels are truly formulaic, that beyond the guaranteed "happy ever after" ending that we have some kind of template that tells us "They touch on page 3, they kiss on page 26, they make love by page 53."

It doesn't work like that. While I am capable of writing erotic literature that starts with the couple or threesome or orgy in full swing, my work tends to build up to these events. And each story needs to be treated as unique. What my characters do in Castaway Dreams is not what my characters might do in Smuggler's Bride or Pirate's Price. They're different characters with a different story.

And my morning's work is not wasted. I'll save the scene, and at the point where the characters do consummate their relationship it will still be a time for them to discover the other's body, heart and desires. Their relationship will undergo a change and much of what I wrote today will be valid and useful.

Many of my writing days end up this way, two steps forward, one step back, but as long as I'm moving in the right direction, I can't complain.

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