Wednesday, February 02, 2011

My Boskone 48 Preliminary Schedule

Saturday12noon     Southern Vampire Mystery Woman -- The Charlaine
 Harris Interview
         Charlaine Harris    
         Darlene Marshall    

  Sunday  10am       The Spirit of the Place
         Laird Barron    
         Charlaine Harris    
         Alexander Jablokov    
         Darlene Marshall    
         Margaret Ronald    
     Consider when scenery is so much a part of the fabric of the story
     that it almost becomes a character.  Discuss stories set in
     localized areas, where the character of the area plays a role. What
     does it add to have such intimate settings?  Examples?

  Sunday  12noon     Cads, Bounders, Seducers, and Other Ladykillers
         Beth Bernobich    
         Katherine Crighton    
         Darlene Marshall    
         Joshua B. Palmatier    
         Jane Yolen    

  Sunday  1pm        SF & HF -- Why Science Fiction and Historical
 Fiction Are the Same
         Debra Doyle    
         Michael F. Flynn    
         Esther Friesner    
         Walter H. Hunt    
         Darlene Marshall    
         Jo Walton    

Memberships and hotel rooms for  Boskone are still available.


Beth said...

Are you moderating the Cads and Bounders panel?

Darlene Marshall said...

@Beth--I don't think they've named moderators yet, but I did offer to be a moderator at various program items if they need me.

Will Passion Play be on sale in the Dealers' Room? I've been waiting to buy it until I could get it signed by you.

Beth said...

Yes, it should be there. (Larry Smith, at least, has it listed in his database.)

Looking forward to seeing you! I hope the weather gives us a break.

Darlene Marshall said...

Beth--Regarding the weather, I'm willing to brave a trip to Boston in February as long as I have a return ticket to Florida.[g]