Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Florida's newest attraction, and it's adorable!

The snap of a breaking stick brought her hand to her gun, but it
was Jack stepping into the light, and Sophia relaxed her tense
“See any panthers while I was gone?”
“Panthers?” she squeaked.
“Large cat, about so high, sharp teeth and claws?” He held his
hand up at about thigh height, or what would be substantially
higher than thigh height on her body, bringing all kinds of soft,
tender, vital parts into a panther’s reach.
“There are panthers here?”
Jack settled himself next to her, then looked around into the
“Panthers, bobcats, alligators…did I forget to mention the
blood-sucking bats?”
“You are making up that last part!”
“You’re right.” He smiled at her. “Mosquitoes, but not bloodsucking
bats. Just small bats. If you move any closer you’re going
to be in my lap.”

--The Bride and the Buccaneer

There's a new kitty in Florida, a rescued, rare Florida panther, Here's some fresh video of this charming native that's guaranteed to make you go, "Awwwwww!"

Zoo's Panther Kitty Loves the Camera

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