Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cleaning out the old, and a resolution or two

Cleaning is usually at the very bottom of my "to do" list, somewhere after "sleep" and "invent flying car". However, I had the dictum "You don't put flowers on a dirty table!" drilled into me at an early age, so when I got a spiffy new pen display case, I knew I had to clean my desk before I could put my fountain pens in their new home.

Once I cleaned my desk I realized I now had a floor to contend with, and bookshelves going gray and...well, you know how these things escalate.

It's probably a good thing. I found books and notes under piles of other books and notes, the dust bunnies ran in terror from the corners of the office and the windows are letting in sufficient sunlight.  Here's a picture of my desktop with the new pen home. They seem very happy in their swanky surroundings.

While 2014 was a difficult year because of the death of my elderly canine companion, it also saw a great deal of joy. My eldest son is engaged to be married and both my boys are doing wonderful things with their lives, teaching, working, making the world better. My husband is golfing more, which is a good thing--it means he's not working so hard.

I've gained many new fans over 2014, and hope to meet even more readers in 2015. My new year's resolutions are more of the same: Finish the book (#8, working title: The Legend of Marauding Mattie, or, The Pirate, Her Cabin Boy and What the Parrot Saw) in a timely fashion, and keep walking for exercise. I've already started ramping up the daily walk from two miles to three miles. If I start in the Florida winter, it's easier to endure it in a Florida summer.

How about you? Any special resolutions to welcome in the new year?

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