Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lost Opportunities

My little Reading Pal was absent again today. I suspect I feel worse about missing our reading time than she does. I was looking forward to sharing the Sunday comics with her and continuing our book together.

School's almost over for the year, and summer is when a lot of kids lose ground with what they've learned. I can remember spending many hot summer days hiding out in the shade with a book, but that only happens when you have access to a public library or a subscription to a book service like Scholastic (do they still do that? I'm the avid reader I am today partly because of those wonderful books that arrived in the mail.)

So I took the remaining 45 minutes in our hour, headed to a coffeeshop downtown and read until the farmers market opened. I enjoyed having the reading time, but I'd rather have spent it sharing a book together.


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