Monday, June 15, 2015

Review--Only A Promise

Only a Promise (The Survivors' Club, #5)Only a Promise by Mary Balogh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The marriage of convenience is one of my favorite romance tropes, and few do it as well as Mary Balogh. This latest entry in the Survivors' Club reminded me at first of The Temporary Wife, one of my all-time favorite Balogh Signet Regencies, but it's got a fresh twist here.

Chloe Muirhead is resigned to spinsterhood after family scandal and a disastrous Season. She's living as companion to an elderly duchess. When the duke's heir, wounded veteran Ralph Stockwood, returns home and is given his marching orders--it's time to take a bride--Chloe throws caution to the wind and offers herself to Ralph.

Part of what I liked about the story was how Ralph and Chloe were logical, thoughtful adults about their marriage and what it entailed. Their relationship unfolded in a fashion where you could envision these two making a go of it even if they didn't fall in love, which, of course, they do.

There are also guest appearances by other Survivors and even a Bedwyn, sure to please Balogh's legions of fans. I can't wait for the next Survivors book!

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