Friday, July 07, 2017

Happy #WorldChocolateDay!

"Do you know what I miss the most?”
“Your frivolous hats?”
“No, I mean food I miss. I miss my morning chocolate. I would have chocolate and a small sweet roll every morning when I arose.”
“That is not a breakfast,” he said dismissively. “Good hot porridge, thick enough so a spoon stands straight up in the center, with plenty of cream and honey, now, that is a breakfast that gets your bowels moving so you can start your day.”
His face grew red when he’d realized what he said to her, russet enough to match his hair.

--Castaway Dreams

Stranded without chocolate? Horrors! One of the key items in my "go" bag is a bar of dark chocolate, because if you have to bug out fast, you'll want to have chocolate. Happy #WorldChocolateDay!

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