Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Hurricane Prep

“What should I do to prepare for the storm, Doctor?”
He still watched her, and his eyes changed. He didn't smile at her—she could not imagine that happening. Instead, his look was, if not approving, at least less censorious.
“A very good question, Miss Farnham.” He straightened up from his labors, wiped his hands on a cloth and then covered the bowl with it.
“The Magpie is a sound ship, and the captain and crew are experienced. But if I were you, I would pack a valise. It should be a bag you yourself can carry. In it, only put those things that are absolutely necessary, or those things you would preserve at all costs.”
“One bag?” Daphne stared at him. “But…but it is impossible. I could not pack everything necessary to me into one bag!”
He cocked one of those accusatory eyebrows at her. “Impossible? That is too bad. Let me tell you what will happen if the worst occurs and we have to abandon the ship: you will grab the first thing at hand and cling to it. It might be a book, it might be a scarf, it might be one of those shoes you are wearing now that will soon be unfashionable and unwearable. It will not be those items most important to you, I can guarantee it.”
--Castaway Dreams 

Hurricane Irma is out in the Atlantic, and Florida is under a state of emergency. Normally, I'd be writing on a weekday morning, but instead I headed to the store an hour ago to get last minute supplies. Early in hurricane season I stocked up on batteries, water and canned food. I already had lanterns, a weather radio, a power inverter for the car for recharging electronics, a tarp for the roof, and a large cooler chest. Oh, and a fully charged ereader that works in the dark.

This isn't my first rodeo, or my first hurricane. I've lived in Florida almost all my life, and I know when to hunker down and, I hope, when to bug out.

So today I stocked up on dog food, propane for the gas grill, more water, and bags of ice for my big freezer. I was glad I went early because almost all the water and most of the ice was already gone from the grocery store. Ideally they'll restock before the weekend when the storm's expected to hit (unless it veers off.)

I also have a "go bag", as Dr. Murray recommends. Everyone should have a go bag and a list of what else you would bring with you if you had to suddenly leave--the dog's crate, meds, family photo albums, important papers--the essentials.

I'm not too worried. North Central Florida is where people evacuate to rather than from, but we get our share of high winds, torrential rains and potential sewer flooding and power outages. It's just best to be prepared.

On that note, I'll have at least one other task before the weekend: I want to be certain I've got enough coffee ground for my French press. Last time we lost power in a storm, I realized I hadn't ground the coffee beans to get me through the crisis with my sanity intact. This time, I'll be prepared!

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