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Happy #CoastGuardDay!

Fifteen hundred dollars worth of coffee coming in duty free meant a tidy profit. A simple plan, but one that worked all too well given the poor state of the Revenue Marine. The revenue cutters couldn’t begin to cover all of the coast, not when the ships were spread thin with surveying, rescue operations, and winter cruising between Charleston and Key West. Underfunded, understaffed, looked down on by the regular navy, despised by the merchants who paid the tariffs, the Revenue Marine was no one’s darling.

Well, except maybe Alexander Hamilton. He’d loved his revenue cutters that brought money into the Treasury, but look what happened to him, Rand thought. Irritate the wrong people and there you are, worm food.

The United States Coast Guard, aka the Revenue-Marine, aka the Revenue Cutter Service was founded on this day in 1790 by US Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton. Happy Birthday, Coast Guard! You can read more about the role of the Revenue Marine in Territor…

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Summertime...and the living is sweaty

He handed her a shovel and they began to dig, and as the afternoon wore on and the heat rose, so did tempers. The allure of treasure was one thing. The actual back-breaking work of digging in the hot sun, sweat pouring off her body and blisters rising on her hands was another. But she didn’t give up, and if the occasional raw word slipped out, it was only to be expected. She wiped her hand across her wet face, not caring she left dirt and sand in its wake. Thunder rumbled to the west and a breeze sprang up, whipping the tree branches. Sophia paused to let the cooler air flow across her.

“We have to stop, it’s going to rain.”

“We cannot stop yet, Jack, there is still daylight!”

“Sophia, I am not going to stand here and get soaked—”

His sentence was punctuated with the plop! of a large drop of water at his feet. A moment later one hit Sophia on the nose, and then in the next instant while she looked at Jack, the sky opened and the squall came down in torrents, soaking them where they st…