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Image by State Library and Archives of Florida via Flickr"Miss Deford, your value to me just keeps increasing by the hour. That gentleman wanted to make a trade, all right. He wanted to trade for you."
"He wanted to trade the deer for me?"
Now Jack's grin looked like it would split his cheeks.
"No, he acknowledged you were too small to be worth a full deer. He wanted to trade two possums for you."
And with that he started laughing so hard he had to sit down in the sand. Sophia resisted the urge to kick him.
"Opossums? Aren't they some sort of rodent?"
"Oh, Miss Deford, I would not trade you for just any kind of rodent! Possums are ugly rodents!" And it set him off into a fresh round of laughter.
 --The Bride and the Buccaneer,  Darlene Marshall    

My elderly, but intrepid, dachshund treed a 'possum last night.  Well, OK, "treed" is an exaggeration.  She kept him at bay in the woodpile.  I recognized her "O…
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I was interviewed by the wonderful Kim Adams over at SOS Aloha for "International Talk Like a Pirate Day".  Kim is a SOS Military Liaison in Hawaii, helping families while their loved ones are serving our country.  Kim's a veteran and a military spouse herself, and knows how important this work is.

Hats off to Kim and all the other hard working men and women offering support to our armed forces and their families!
It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day!  My plans include pillaging some heavily laden merchant vessel and perhaps taking the handsome first mate captive.  But I have to wait until after the ACLD Library Foundation Annual meeting tonight, darn it!
Here's a recap of what's been happening in my life these past weeks:

I returned only mildly jetlagged from an amazing trip to Australia.  Did the usual tourist things with my husband, but didn't see nearly enough of the country.  This was my second trip and it was wonderful to revisit.  I don't know when I'll return, but I'd love to go back again.

My panels at Aussiecon4 (World SF Convention) in Melbourne went quite well.  I was tapped to be moderator on both of them.  The first one was "Girl meets boy meets dragon: Romance in fantasy".  The other panelists were Tracey O’Hara, Fiona McIntosh and Nicole R. Murphy and part of the fun of attending a Worldcon outside North America is meeting writers who I might not otherwise get to spend time talking to.  This was a lively group to have discussing romance and fantasy, and the program item was well attended.  Plus, I have some new books on my "To Be Read" list, thanks to the other panelists.

My s…
From Sea Change, a work in progress:

White Collar: Season One
I am so channeling Matt Bomer (White Collar) for my pirate hero in the next novel.  I don't like the TV show that much, but he's yummy!

Oh, and thanks to SBTB I've added "plot moppets" to my writer's vocabulary for (working title) The Hot Pirate's Secret Baby .

That is all.  Now, back to watching "White Collar" episodes on DVR.