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OperationAuction is a fundraiser for the family of a member of the romance community whose husband was murdered in a workplace shooting.  The donated items are being auctioned, and you can bid on a signed copy of The Bride and the Buccaneerhere

Loads of great items were donated, from signed books to critiques, and it's all for a good cause.  Check it out and get your bids in while you can.
Spot on parody of "Downton Abbey".  Thanks to Heroes and Heartbreakers for the link.
I love doing the research for my novels because sometimes I run across gems like this:

"The degree of commitment to Jacobitism has indeed become the Loch Ness Monster of eighteenth-century history.  The true believers are convinced not only that it existed but that it was huge...they relate the equivalent of alleged sightings, out-of-focus photographs and sonic soundings."   From A Conscise History of Britain 1707-1975 by W.A. Speck
Good meeting today at GAWN.  I sold some books, met some fans, and enjoyed an excellent lunch and a motivational speaker.  Now I need to restock for my next outing.
My thoughts and prayers are with our friends in Hawaii, especially Kim at SOS Aloha, and with all the people in Japan affected by the earthquake.
Jack unclenched his jaw far enough to say, "You're taking my money and my horse? You are nothing but a common thief!"
     "Sir, I protest! You are nothing but a common thief. I am an uncommon thief!"
     He played the last card of a desperate hand.
     "You can't do this! You're just a little girl!"
     "Are you angry someone my size was able to overcome you? I did lie about one thing. I am twenty years old, not a girl of sixteen. Here is a final lesson then for you to think about this evening--because it looks like you will have a great deal of time to reflect on your sins--treachery wins out over size and muscle almost every time, Sir Highwayman."
     With that she mockingly saluted him, and without another word turned on her heel and left.
     He yelled impotently at her to return and untie him, but as he heard his faithless mare's bridle jingle off into the distance, he settled for cursing her and her kind al…
"Early in their journey this morning they passed a burnt-out homestead, its brick chimney all that remained of a family’s dreams. Vines were already encroaching and moving in, but there had been a gardenia bush in bloom near what must have once been the front door, and Sophia paused to snip off a bloom. The lush fragrance filled her senses, but it was also a reminder of the dangers lurking in paradise."  --The Bride and the Buccaneer

Spring has arrived in North Florida, though I understand other parts of the country are still suffering.  I'm sympathetic.  We're not so far south that we don't see the seasons change, so we get that whiff of new beginnings each March, along with a ton of pollen dropping from on high.

I should, in fact, have wiped down all the horizontal surfaces on my porch today since I can't plop myself down without a cloud of yellow pollen poofing up.   Instead I went out and repotted a couple of rose bushes because the roses are doing spl…