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We Have Kindle!

My thanks to all of you who've been patiently awaiting the Kindle edition of The Bride and the Buccaneer. It's now available, and it's on sale! Follow the link, and enjoy!
Congratulations to Goodreads Winners!

Three people will receive signed copies of The Bride and the Buccaneer in the mail this week, and nearly 1,000 entered the Goodreads contest. Thanks to all of you who entered! If you've purchased a copy of The Bride and the Buccaneer or any other Darlene Marshall novel and would like a signed bookplate, email me at darlenemarshall[at]darlenemarshall[dot]com.
Image via WikipediaReflections on Wedded Bliss

I celebrated my 34th wedding anniversary this week. We went out to supper the night before with friends, exchanged gifts (he got cufflinks, I got a lovely peridot ring), and our plans to watch a movie and open up that special bottle of whisky morphed into watching ice dancing and drinking herbal tea, but hey, we're old.

It got me thinking though. One of the remarks I hear about my heroes is that they're "nice". Sometimes I hear they're too nice. One faithful reader said she loved Jack Burrell from The Bride and the Buccaneer because he's my "sweetest hero yet", a description that would annoy Jack greatly and cause him to scowl ferociously. He sees himself as a fierce privateer, the scourge of Caribbean shipping.

He is that fierce privateer. But he's also the hero. And I can't write a hero without looking at him critically and asking myself, "Could I marry him?" My perceptions of…
Boskone 47 Recap

Let me start by saying I had a wonderful time, and a huge "Thank You!" is owed the hardworking volunteer staff who put together this convention.

I picked up my materials when I checked in Friday afternoon, and confirmed that I had two panels Friday night. Then I took a look at the Pocket Program to see what items I wanted to attend. That's one of the perks of Boskone. I'm not only presenting, but I get to see other writers share their expertise.

My first panel was Seriously, Where *Do* Your Ideas Come From? I've done similar panels before, but I always manage to find something fresh to say. This time I mentioned how while I was out walking last week I saw a hot pink condom of unusual dimensions by the side of the road...and it gave me the idea for a story. So the short answer is, my ideas come from everywhere.

The other panelists were Paul G. Tremblay and Mary A. Turzillo, with whom I've done panels at previous cons, and Hugo and Nebula awa…

This is my, I think, really, truly final schedule for Boskone 47. See you in Boston! Dress warm!

Friday 7pm Seriously, Where *Do* Your Ideas Come From?
Lois McMaster Bujold
David Anthony Durham (M)
Darlene Marshall
Paul G. Tremblay
Mary A. Turzillo

We know ideas don't come from a mail box in upstate New York. So,
seriously, where do they come from? Do you muse on "what if's"? Are
there personal inspirations for your tales? Do you find a particular
setting evocative, and just waiting to be detailed in a story?

Friday 8pm: Paranormal Romance: Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Werewolf?
Darlene Marshall
Ginjer Buchanan (m)
Rose Fox
Toni L. P. Kelner
Shariann Lewitt

Since paranormal romance surged to popularity in the 1990's, there's been debate over whether to consider it part of that nebulous field we call "the genre." Paranormal romance has deep roots in …
My turn to blog today at the HEA Cafe. The topic is "Reviews". Check it out!
New Review! 5/5 = "Awesome" from Smexy Books.

"The Bride and The Buccaneer
is a wonderful tale full of humor, adventure, and a lovely romance that will sweep you away."