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Boskone 49 or "How I Spent My Winter Vacation"

I'm back from Boston (with a side trip to NYC) and catching up, finally!  Boskone 49 was fun and, as usual, a very worthwhile trip for me as a writer, a SF fan, and someone with lots of friends in Northeast fandom.  It was great catching up with people, and the weather cooperated this year.  In fact, it was so lovely when I got off the train at South Station that I walked to the Westin, rolling my bag behind me.

Let me start by saying congratulations to the Program staff for once again pulling together a great mix of people and ideas.  I wish I'd had a chance to attend more of the other panels.

My first program item was Friday night, "Dressing the Parties--Regalia and Symbolism" on rank, attire, clothing colors, sumptuary laws and more.  I was moderating, and the other panelists were Leonid Korogodski, Walter H. Hunt, Ellen Asher and Elizabeth Bear.  We each brought a unique background and perspective, which always makes for the most interesting discussions. In my ca…

On the Road

I'm passing through NYC on my way to Boston, taking advantage of the wifi in my eldest son's apartment.  I say "apartment".  His living space is the size of my screen porch back in Florida.  But it's in a great location, and he loves living by himself for the first time.

I've got a train ride up to Boston for Boskone 49, and I expect to spend the time productively working on Castaway Dreams edits.  On the other hand, the clack of the train wheels has a soporific effect, so I may end up napping in the quiet car.  One of the things I love about work and travel now compared to 10 years ago is the availability of wifi and cloud storage for my work.  I used to have to take copies of my work on flash drives, and then make sure I transferred everything back to my machine at home.  Now I know when I finish here, and open my machine at home, it'll show the updated manuscript.  I love life in the 21st century.

Happy Valentine's Day!

“Do you not want to cut a dash in society?  Never mind, I do not know why I even bother.  If I said I needed a new hat you would say ‘You only have one head, why do you need more than one hat?’”             “I am perfectly willing to acknowledge you need a warm hat for winter wear and a straw hat for summer.  Miss Farnham, this conversation is nonsense.  I do not need to change my ways to catch a wife.  I have money saved, and all of my limbs, and my teeth.  I am a man of abstemious habits.  I cannot imagine how having a waistcoat of daffodil satin would make a bit of difference in my prospects.”             Daphne perked up.              “Now you are putting your brain to work, Dr. Murray!”  She pointed her finger at him. “With your coloring daffodil satin would be a handsome choice.  Not for a coat though, that would be a bit much.  As you say, for a waistcoat.  Really, Doctor, I had no idea you were taking fashion so seriously.”             “I am not taking this serio…

Off to Boston!

I'll be leaving for Boskone 49 this week, and as always the fun part is trying to figure out what to pack.  Snow or no snow?  Cold? Rain? Sun?  I know I'll do lots of walking, so good shoes and boots are a must, but if I want to take my smaller bag (and put copies of Sea Change in there for friends), some judicious packing is called for.

In the meantime, I'm doing some edits on Castaway Dreams before sending it off to my editor.  I'm working on cover and ad copy also, and submitted my art proposal for the cover. I even got a little work done on my novel after Castaway Dreams, so things are coming along.

New Novel Coming, Spring 2012!


I've been waiting until I had my paperwork finished to make the announcement, but my next historical romance, Castaway Dreams, is sold to Amber Quill Press.  I anticipate an ebook and print release in late spring, and naturally there will be more on this as it gets closer.

Castaway Dreams is the story of dour surgeon Alexander Murray from Sea Change, the guy who didn't get the girl.  At first I thought Alexander would be the hero, then I realized that while he and Charley would have bonded happily over dissecting cadavers, she really needed a pirate.  Alexander thinks he knows what he needs, but his life is about to get complicated by "Daffy" Daphne Farnham, a young lady aboard the vessel returning him to England. Here's a glimpse from the first few pages of the manuscript:

c. 2012

            “Useful,” she said in a low voice.  “Is that how you evaluate people, Doctor?”             He looked at her with greater interest.  Pe…

Herding sheep

He sighed, but trooped off and Daphne and Pompom followed. At the rocks Daphne put Pompom in the shade with a command to “Stay!” Dr. Murray was impressed when the dog obeyed her.

“Pompom is the world’s cleverest puppy, Dr. Murray.”

“I would not go that far, Miss Farnham. I daresay you never saw a collie herding sheep.”

“Pompom could herd sheep if he wanted to,” she said loyally.

He turned and cocked an eyebrow at her.

“Maybe one small sheep.” She paused. “Why is there one sheep and two sheep? Why aren’t there flocks of sheeps?”

“I will not be able to sleep tonight for pondering that question, Miss Farnham.”--Castaway Dreams, WIP

I was tickled today to see a link to a video from Sweden of a rabbit that herds sheep.  If a little bunny can herd sheep (and why aren't they sheeps?) then clearly Daphne's darling bichon could do it.  Here's the link to the herding bunny:…