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PC World Calls New Kindle "Most Enticing Yet"

If you've been thinking of buying a Kindle, the new models may be what you want. Affordable, more lightweight, smaller footprint. Check out this article.
Business Travel Plans

I won't be attending the Romance Writers of America annual conference this week because I'm attending the World SF Convention in Melbourne, Australia in a couple months. Trying to do both this summer was too much of a financial and personal hassle. So I hope all my peers at RWA have a splendid time in Orlando (wear sunscreen and stay hydrated!) and I'm looking forward to seeing some of my SF friends Down Under in September.
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Blogging from the Beach

I've been away from my desk for nearly a week, down at Sand Key at Clearwater, Florida. My husband's at a conference and I'm at work, fixing Castaway Dreams. Sometimes getting away from my regular routine helps me focus in a new way, finding errors, thinking a touch differently.

And being at the beach is always a great way to recharge my batteries. Incidentally, the Gulf beaches on Florida's southwest coast are lovely and undamaged. Come on down, the water's fine!
I write like
Edgar Allan Poe I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!
Image by Zoohouse via FlickrI'm celebrating finishing the first draft of Castaway Dreams by buying [another] fountain pen. It's on sale! It's a business expense! I'm going to fill it with red ink and use it for editing!

I'm not addicted, I can stop buying fountain pens whenever I want.

Image via WikipediaCastaway Dreams First Draft Completed!

It weighed in at 127K, which officially makes it my longest manuscript to date. Now the real work begins, but I'm excited. It's a book! And I know how it ends![g]