Friday, October 29, 2010

I haven't been blogging as much recently because I realized my TBR (To Be Read) shelf had morphed into a TBR bookcase that was overflowing.  That doesn't even count what's on my ereader.  So I've been trying to spend less time online and more time reading all those books I've purchased or borrowed from the library.

Some of what I've been reading is for research.  Right now I've got Amanda Vickery's Behind Closed Doors--At Home in Georgian England and I'm enjoying it very much.  I  also have on Inter-Library Loan The Republic's Private Navy: The American Privateering Business as Practiced by Baltimore During the War of 1812 by Jerome Garitee and Men of Marque: A History of Private Armed Vessels Out of Baltimore During the War of 1812 by John Phillips Cranwell.

The ILL books have a short check-out period so I need to get those two wrapped up, and that will keep me offline, reading and note-taking for a while.  

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It was a busy evening at the riverside tavern called Ganymede’s Cup, a tavern with a
reputation up and down the coast. It was that reputation that had earned the tavern its better
known name, The Greek Boy, for the sign swinging over the door featured a young man in a
skimpy chiton.
Simpkins, the innkeeper, stopped wiping a dirty rag over a dirtier mug, staring at the man
stooping under the doorway.
“Why, Julius Davies, as I live and breathe! I’d heard you was hung!”
Julius smirked and rolled his eyes heavenward. “La, my dear, you don’t know the half of it!”
His companion coughed delicately into his fist.
“Who’s your friend?” Simpkins nodded in their direction.
Julius put his arm around the man’s shoulder. “Allow me to present Captain Christopher
Daniels. He’s new to the area and I’m showing him the, uh, local sights.”

--Pirate's Price, Darlene Marshall

Someone asked me about the references to "Ganymede's Cup" in a conversation at another site.  Ganymede's Cup is the fictitious North Florida tavern that shows up in many of my novels, either as a scene setting or in passing references by characters.  It first appeared in Pirate's Price, but I liked the Cup so much it seemed to keep showing up and almost took on a character of its own.  You can read scenes set at the Cup in Pirate's Price, Smuggler's Bride and Captain Sinister's Lady, and meet the men who gather at this site known for its good food and the discretion of the staff and clientele.

Friday, October 15, 2010

“There are alligators in this creek?”
“Not now that you’ve screamed your head off there ain’t. Ooowee, I
thought a bobcat could screech, but you got them beat all to hell and
back! I imagine there’s not a gator within twenty miles of here now, but
it’s no problem, I’ll stay here ’til you’re all done and protect you. You
take your time, darlin’.”

--Smuggler's Bride

There are plenty of Gators around here today.  It's Homecoming at the University of Florida and as a proud member of the Gator Nation I wanted to share with you a bit of Florida sunshine and my favorite Gator orange cover. Have a super weekend, and Go Gators!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Saw a woman reading a Kindle at an outdoor cafe, stopped to admire her sweet little bichon, and I gave her (the reader, not the dog) one of my bookmarks.  I know a marketing opportunity when it slaps me upside the head.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

If I've been absent from the blogosphere these past few days it's because I'm deep into edits of Castaway Dreams so I can get it ready to be sold.  Later, gators!