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Image via Wikipedia I haven't been blogging much lately 'cause I've been on the road.  And I'm writing.  Lots and lots of writing.    Just because I'm at the pool doesn't mean I'm not a serious writer.  Ignore those empty mojito glasses around my feet.
Thinking about ereaders?

Now's a good time to get that ereader you've been wanting.  You can take plenty of books on vacation withough taking up room in your luggage, and Amazon and Barnes and Noble are in a price war.  And don't forget, Darlene Marshall novels are the perfect summer getaway read!
Image via Wikipedia My Kindle numbers took a jump this morning!  I love you all for buying my books, and if you were here, I'd give you chocolates.
Started writing the last chapter of Castaway Dreams today.  That's a good feeling.
Image via Wikipedia "She remembered well the boisterous celebration in the city’s streets when news arrived that the Shannon had defeated the Chesapeake. After a string of Royal Navy defeats at the hands of the Americans—the Americans, of all upstart nations!— Captain Broke’s victory put wind back in the sails of the despondent English."--The Bride and the Buccaneer

From The Royal Navy Sail and Steam Yahoo group: 

"HMS Shannon captures USS Chesapeake - 1813
Tuesday June 1, 2010
Location: Just outside Boston Harbor

HMS Shannon (38), under Capt. Philip Broke, defeats and captures the USS Chesapeake (36) commanded by Capt. James Lawrence. In a battle lasting only 13 minutes, Capt. Lawrence was killed in action. His last command to his crew was "Don't give up the ship!". They were, however, unable to honour the order, and were forced to surrender".

We had the last laugh.  We're still here.