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Ah, the glamorous writing life!

Today was a good writing day. I got a lot done on my WIP, and it's moving along, which makes me feel great. The words were flowing, the ideas were popping out, and all in all, it was a day well spent.

Now, this also means I look like something the dachshund dragged in. It's nearly suppertime and I haven't showered or changed out of the t-shirt and running shorts I threw on this morning to take the dog for her walk. I also didn't get done any of the errands I had on my calendar, but they can wait until tomorrow.

I may not always have the muse at my beck and call, but when she shows up, I know enough to hogtie the little twit and sit on her until I'm done for the day.
George Elliot is not the kind of writer who usually makes me laugh out loud, but thanks to Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Novels, I followed this link and read Elliot's essay "Silly Novels by Lady Novelists".

Gosh, I've read way too many books that match these descriptions. And most of them were written in the last 50 years.

Barbara Cartland, anyone?
Fun, but weird

What Is Your Battle Cry?Lo! Who is that, running amidst the fields! It is Darlene, hands clutching a jeweled meat hammer! And with a spectacular howl, her voice cometh:"This one's for you, mom! I slice through beating hearts like a four-year-old on a sugar rampage!!!"Find out!
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L.A. con photos

Here's a photo of me from the 2006 Hugo Awards ceremony at L.A. con IV. This is likely the closest I'll ever come to owning a Hugo, holding it for someone else, but it's a nice one.
Romance readers respond
The Washington Post and The New York Times responded to complaints by romance readers and writers that The Greater Washington Initiative, a DC business group devoted to attracting investment to the area, put up posters on the metro system that dissed romance readers.

We are tired of being treated like the readheaded stepchild of genre literature, and we're speaking out. Getting coverage in major papers, even snarky coverage like this, helps spread the word that our work has value.

And much of the credit for leading the charge goes to Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Novels, who live up to their name.
Dog, 1, Armadillo, 0

The dachshund of doom took on an armadillo last night. Around 11 p.m. I heard frantic, high pitched growling and barking from the back yard and ran out there. Sure enough, the 13 lb. dog had grabbed an amadillo by the tail and was holding on for dear life. The armadillo looked resigned, but then, that may be its normal expression.

While I was trying to separate Yofi from her prey with a broom (I'm no dummy--dogs bite and armadillos scratch), I was reminded that dachshunds are serious hunting dogs. Really. They're called "badger hounds" for a reason. Her front haunches were bulging with muscle and force as she dug herself in, not letting that evil critter escape.

I finally got them separated and kept Yofi at bay with the broom until the 'dillo could hightail it under the gate. Then I wrapped the shaking dog in a towel and carried her inside. There was blood in her mouth, but I think it wasn't hers, and some nasty but not deep scratches…
Romance in Germany

Seems there's a romance convention in Germany, and it's at a time I could go. Hmmmm...I'm not going to Worldcon in Japan this year, so I could probably justify the expense. Somehow.

It will all depend on when Heyne is publishing my German edition novels. I'll know more when I hear back from my agent.