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How do you say "I write hot pirate romances!" in German?

The novels of Darlene Marshall are going international! I've received an offer from an overseas publisher for German language editions of my books Pirate's Price, Smuggler's Bride and Captain Sinister's Lady, and I'm very excited at the prospect.

At first I thought the email making the offer was some kind of weird spam scam, but I checked it out with a friend who does German translations, and who I hope will be doing my books, and she assured me it was legit. So now I have a foreign rights agent, which makes me feel all hoity-toity. Believe me, I'm going to dine out on this one for a while.

And my family is quite impressed. As my eldest son said, "Mom! You're going to be the David Hasselhoff of pirate porn!"

Your Virtual Book Bag

Love is All You Need--Lori Devoti

When Del Montgomery’s boss sends her to the Missouri Ozarks in search of a legendary pottery pig, her mission seems simple: figure out which of the clueless locals has the pig, convince them to sell it for peanuts, and then hightail it back to Chicago. Local auctioneer, Sam Samson, could be the perfect secret weapon in her search– as long as he never figures out what she’s really after. But is it possible to resist a tall, dark, gorgeous guy who’s as sly as he is sexy?

Everything about Del turns Sam on, from her city sass to her delicious cleavage to her habit of twitching her nose when she’s about to tell a whopper. And she’s been telling a lot of them. Still, Sam knows a true babe when he sees one, and he’s not about to let Del slip away…
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Five Stars from

“Lori Devoti has burst out on the romance scene with her second hilariously entertaining book LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED.

I knew it all along.

A Pirate Raider
You scored 2 Honor, 2 Justice, 7 Adventure, and 12 Individuality! More than just the usual swabbie, you demand not only the life at sea, free from landlubbers and their rules, but also you require adventure and excitement. You're happiest when the guns are blazing, the risk high, the outcome uncertain, but the chance for reward substansial. Your kind are welcomed as allies and feared as enemies.Put on your wooden leg and hook. You'll do just fine!

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:You scored higher than 0% on NinjinuityYou scored higher than 0% on KnightlynessYou scored higher than 65% on CowboiosityYou scored higher than 99% on Piratical Bent
On the air

I was on WUFT/WJUF "Classic 89/Nature Coast 90" this morning, doing the Spring Membership Campaign for public radio. And I'll be back on the air Friday morning, so if you want to catch me in the act, it's, from 6-9 a.m. EDT.

Anyway, one of the things we did was offer a special premium of a signed Darlene Marshall set--Captain Sinister's Lady and Pirate's Price, for a "dollar-a-day" pledge, $365. And we got it in the first 30 minutes of the offer!

But the really, really cool thing was when I went to personalize it: "To Mary, Happy 90th Birthday". How cool is that? A woman bought the set for her mom's 90th.

I just hope the lady is up to that much piratical excitement.

From The Road to Romance:
Amanda Stephenson boarded the ship bound for America with high hopes in her heart. Recently widowed, and impoverished, Amanda had decided to travel from Yorkshire to America to live with some of her former husband’s relatives. She hoped that she’d be able to eke out a living making scented soaps and creams for the American ladies using the coveted recipes passed down to her by her famed Brooke ancestress.

However, fate has other plans for Amanda, and adventure shows up to claim her in the form of a pirate-turned-privateer, Captain Sinister.

Morgan Roberts, a. k. a. the notorious Captain Sinister, finds Amanda’s ship foundering, and, since his new profession as a wrecker and privateer allow it, goes in to offer ‘assistance’. Captain Sinister’s assistance, however, includes making the crew row to shore and taking everything that’s not bolted down - which is, of course, what any other good wrecker would have done.…
Spring is here

Remember the bird building the nest in my impatiens? The eggs have hatched, and I've enjoyed watching the little mother house sparrow flying back and forth to the hanging basket, bringing worms to her babies. Usually they're quiet, but when she shows up they go nuts, cheeping frantically to get their share of the goodies. I startled her the other day when I carefully tipped a little water into the impatiens pot to help the poor plant survive, but she didn't abandon the nest.

I know it's a house sparrow 'cause I looked in my Audubon Field Guide to Florida. Let me make a pitch here for having a good field guide when you're writing, even if you're writing about your own back yard. You may think you know an area, but a field guide will not only help you broaden the range of plants and wildlife you're writing about, it can also help "color" a scene by adding details. I'd be lost without my Nature of Florida and Audubon guides…
Vote Early! Vote Often! No, don't do that, Vote Once!

My historical Smuggler's Bride has been nominated for the first annual BWAHA Awards - Bitchery Writing Award for Hellagood Authors over at, of course, Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Novels.

I'm honored to be in such fine company, and a list of the nominees follows. And it goes without saying, I would appreciate your vote!

Best Contemporary
Match Me If You Can by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Hot Tamara by Mary Castillo
Breaking Point by Suzanne Brockmann
Black Ice by Anne Stuart
Wedding Survivor by Julia London
Ex and the Single Girl by Lani Diane Rich
Mouth to Mouth by Erin McCarthy
Best Historical
Smuggler’s Bride by Darlene Marshall
Mr. Impossible by Loretta Chase
Siren by Cheryl Sawyer
It Happened One Autumn by Lisa Kleypas
The Secret History of the Pink Carnation Lauren Willig
The Veil of the Night by Lydia Joyce Best Series/Contemporary
Ultra Violet by Ellen Henderson
Her Body of Work by Marie Donovan
The Orchid Hunter by Sandra K. Moo…
I just finished a fantasy novel that's been getting lots of advance buzz, and for once the novel delivered on the promise. His Majesty's Dragon, by Naomi Novik (British title: Temeraire) is part O'Brien, part MacCaffrey, part Forrester, but all done well.

During the Napoleonic Wars, HMS Reliant takes a French prize carrying a secret cargo, a dragon's egg. Since fighting dragons were used by both sides during the war, and since England expects every man to do his duty, an officer on the Reliant has to step forward to partner with the dragon when it hatches, but the dragon hatchling insists on bonding with the Reliant's captain, Will Laurence. This is the end of Laurence's naval career, as he'll have to transfer to the Aerial Corps with his dragon, Temeraire. It's also the end of any hope of a normal life--Aerial Corps officers cannot split their loyalties, and normally don't marry or own land, but devote themselves to their flying partners.

For the Pirate Who's Pillaged Everything

Like me, you probably scratch your head and wonder, "What do I get for the gal who's already sent countless hapless sailors to Davy Jones' Locker?" For the pirate or privateer on your gift list, a museum quality replica of a brigantine similar to that used in Pirates of The Caribbean. You even have a choice of white or black sails. And it's on sale! But you have to find your own swashbuckler.
Your Virtual Book Bag 2nd in Lucy’s Historical Trilogy is Out NowTEMPT ME by Lucy Monroe
ISBN 0-4252-0922-9
Berkley Sensation
Sexy Historical Mass Market PaperbackHumiliated by his family’s indiscretions, Lucas, Lord Ashton-nicknamed “The Saint” - wants nothing more than to live a quiet life with the prim and proper bride of his choice. And if the innocent young lady in question gives him some decidedly devilish urges, he is determined to control himself-much to her dismay.Lady Irisa Langley is at her wit’s end. Much as she loves her exasperatingly perfect fiancé, she’s starting to think it would be wrong of her to marry him. For Irisa has a secret that would shock even the world-weary denizens of the Ton, and someone-who doesn’t want her anywhere near Lucas-knows it.Lucas never knew that he could desire more in a bride than impeccable manners and an unblemished pedigree. But even as scandal looms, a loyal little spitfire with heated kisses and silken skin is making him forget every rule …
The Writer's Life

Writers get asked all the time, "Where do you get your ideas?" and my usual response is "Damned if I know. All of a sudden there are people inside my head and they're talking to me."

And that's what happened today. A perfectly ordinary morning walk, and somewhere between picking up my dog's poop and thinking "We have to save the swales", the idea for my next book came to me. Just like that. I could see the hero and heroine, I heard them talking, and I had enough material to make me want to dash back home with poor Yofi flying at the end of her leash like a dachshund shaped kite. Fortunately for Yofi, I've learned from experience to always carry a notepad with me on these excursions.

As soon as I got home I washed my hands, dashed over to the keyboard and created a new word processing file with notes for my next book. Not the one I'm working on now, my next book. The one where I was wondering "What the hel…
We're Number One! We're Number One!

It's Great To Be A Florida Gator! Go Gators!
Who knew it was so easy?

Like a lot of writers, I agonize over blurbs. You know, when the editor tells you to give her your story in 12 words. Or less. Fortunately, I found a website that spews out wonderful blurbs for your next detective book! Go here to read more about it, and generate some ideas for your own Great American Novel. I liked this one a lot:

"He's a scrappy Amish cat burglar with a winning smile and a way with the ladies. She's a time-travelling psychic schoolgirl with a song in her heart and a spring in her step. They fight crime!"

OK, I'm ready for the romance blurb generator. Bring it on!
The Gators won! On to Monday night!