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Image via WikipediaI'm back from the Bar (yes, it was a really good bar) and at work. I got a boost today when my son called from Jerusalem (yes, that Jerusalem) to say he saw a copy of Pirate's Price in a used bookstore, right up there with English language NYT bestsellers. He said he took pictures, and I'm looking forward to seeing that!

It's time for the Bar Convention! Lawyers! Litigation! Liquor! The best part about being a lawyer spouse rather than a practicing attorney: I get to do all the fun stuff without sitting through the CE sessions!

More on this story as it develops...
I'm blogging with BAM! C'mon over and check out my musings on that Romance imperative, the Happily Ever After Ending.
Yo! German fans of Darlene Marshall! Pick up the June issue of LoveLetter Magazine and read all about bad girls at sea. It coincides with the release of Rache & Rosen from Heyne, on sale now from and fine German booksellers.
Image via WikipediaThe Blurb I Want on My Next Book...

...would be from John Adams. Yes, that John Adams. I'm reading Cokie Roberts' Ladies of Liberty (highly recommended) and ran across a line today that made me grin real hard:

"But they didn't lead a retired life...John Adams, so accustomed to having Abigail run everything, took to reading romance novels, much to his wife's amazement, and continued to rely on her to manage their finances."

I'd love to know what he was reading! Dang, I knew I liked the Federalists, and this is just another reason why.
I'll be blogging this Thursday, June 5, at The Deadly Vixens.

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