Sunday, November 06, 2005

Loving Miranda

Loving Miranda Cover

Author: Teresa Bodwell
Title: Loving Miranda
ISBN: 0-8217-7816-1
Publisher: Kensington, Zebra Historical Romance
Release: October 2005

Teresa Bodwell announces the release of her second western historical novel, a sequel to her debut, Loving Mercy.

Benjamin Lansing is on his way to paradise with a short detour to nowhere. His brother left some unfinished business when he died. Ben aims to set things right and get out. He has no intention of allowing a pretty little distraction like Miranda to keep him from his goal. Even if that spark of life in her eyes threatens to melt the layers of reserve he’s taken a lifetime to build . . .

Miranda Chase knows exactly what she wants–a settled life with a steady man who will treat her right. She has no time for a smooth talkin’ city slicker who makes her heart race like a wild stallion when he touches her. Only a fool would try to lasso and break a man like Ben. Or a woman reckless enough to follow her heart . . .

Reviews“LOVING MIRANDA will bring a lump to your throat and tears to your eyes.”
Betty Cox, NovelTalk Reviews

“Sweet and touching, yet as rugged as the wild west . . .”
Kathe Robin, Romantic Times BookClub.

“Ms. Bodwell has created a riveting story in this sequel to Loving Mercy.” LA (Leanne Davis), Rendezvous

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