Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tonight was the last class of the first part of tai chi. We've learned the first third of the simple form, and my instructor says it takes about 30 years to be proficient at it.

I always wanted a goal for when I'm 80--beyond surviving--now I have one.

Anyway, I am going to continue. As difficult as it is, and it is difficult, I can see improvement in myself. Some of us talked about repeating the first session again, but our instructor recommended we move on. Now my hard task will be continuing to practice each day, even though I know half the time I'm still not doing it correctly. Our instructor, who's 57, showed us the full tai chi form, which takes about 8 minutes to run through. That's all. 30 years of study for an 8 minute exercise. But to see it done correctly, that was a treat. His movements were fluid, his form supple, his posture perfect.

Man, when I'm 80, people are going to be stunned by my agility!

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