Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Bound By Destiny by Rayka Mennen

Rayka Mennen - www.RaykaMennen.com
When Katherine Ricetti brushes against civil engineer, Jacob Taggert, and sees a vision of the accident about to befall him, she saves him from certain death. But the Ricetti women are witches and have their first vision about the men they are destined to marry. Try explaining that to a die-hard skeptic like Jake. When he isn’t running scared, he’s looking for the loop hole in this witch theory. Too bad, because her pretty face and long legs had captured his attention before the accident. Besides, he can’t allow a witch to raise his son! But the signs are clear and he is unable to deny Kat has powerful talents that can’t be explained in earthly scientific terms. Kat, a reluctant witch to begin with, may have to renounce her heritage to be with the man she loves. Which will she chose, when both seem to be her destiny? ISBN: 1-897261-00-4
5 Cups from Coffee Time Romance; 5 Hearts from The Romance Studio

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