Monday, January 02, 2006

The new year started off on an interesting note. We attend an annual New Year's Day party hosted by some friends who know everybody. It's a great place to meet-and-greet, and the food would make you swoon. Your dieting resolutions begin on January 2 if you're on this guest list.

I was introduced to a lady who began working on me to do a novel about North Florida fox hunting. I have never considered doing a novel around fox hunting--I leave that to Rita Mae Brown--but what really intrigued me is that people think fiction writers are dying for to be told about plot ideas and settings they think you ought to write about.

I write historical novels about pirates and smugglers. Fox hunting was never even on the radar. I guess at one level it would be an interesting plot device, but as much as I appreciated her suggestions, there was this niggling thought in the back of my head that people who don't write think writers do plots on demand, or are out there looking for people to throw ideas their way.

But we did have a pleasant chat, and I honestly told her that if I ever did want to work fox hunting into a novel I was pleased to know I now had a local contact. Oh, and they don't hunt real foxes. It's some kind of fake doused with scent that the hounds chase.

Now I'm thinking about the food again. Rum balls.....mmmmmm....

Time to get back on the treadmill.

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