Sunday, January 01, 2006

We started the holiday weekend by losing the use of the router on our home wireless system. It's amazing how little time it takes to begin going through withdrawal when you don't have Internet access. I ran over to the library with my laptop Friday afternoon to check my mail on their wireless system, and then Sunday I logged on to the one house computer connected to the cable modem. But it's not the same. My son went to the store and got the new router, which is a huge improvement because now I'll be able to take the laptop out onto the porch or the backyard and get online.

This last part is a mixed blessing. While I like having a broader range on the signal, I'm concerned that the more I can get online the more I'll find excuses to do stuff like update my Digest instead of what I really should be doing, confronting "the white screen of despair" (as opposed to "the blue screen of disaster") and doing some real writing on my WIP.

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