Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Made it home from Boston, but it was a near thing. Went out to lunch yesterday with the college boy, and while we had a really delightful lunch at a Malaysian eatery on Mass Ave., I didn't realize he'd never driven to the airport from downtown. Took him a bit to find the right route, and I made it through the gates only by walking at a pretty fast clip. Thank goodness I'd had the sense to wear the comfortable boots!

However, the flight into Memphis was late, and I had to run to get to the other terminal where the flight to Gainesville was. I went skidding up to the counter with my boarding pass, and threw myself on the mercy of the crew, telling them if I didn't take 2 minutes to run to the loo there was going to be an unfortunate incident during the flight.

"There's a restroom on the plane," one youngster said.
"Yes, but it will be at least 20 minutes before we're in the air and I can use that!" I whined.

So they held the gate for me for a couple more minutes and all was good. Whew!

The panels I moderated went well, if I do say so myself. Jim Macdonald told a wonderful story about the USN and pirates based on his adventures with the navy a few years back (he was a naval officer, not a pirate). I got to meet some delightful writers. In addition to Jim Macdonald and Naomi Novik the panels included Beth Bernobich, Sarah Monette, Steven Popkes, Leigh Grossman and Debra Doyle, and I was a complete fangirl with Wen Spencer, but she graciously signed my copy of A Brother's Price .

Next year Boskone will have a nautical theme and will be down at the harbor, so I've already bought my membership for 2007. See you there!

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