Sunday, July 09, 2006

Well, we never made it to That Pirate Movie tonight. Got to the theater at 5:30 thinking we'd buy tickets for the 7:45 show.

Nope. No tickets were available until the 10:30 show. So instead we went out to supper with the couple that was going to join us at the film. Bob and Connie are two of my Florida sailors, people who can look over my books and let me know if I've made an error. Just in case you've spotted an error, they haven't been my beta readers yet--I asked them one or two specific questions, but they won't read the full manuscript until the next book.

Dinner was delightful, a veritable feast from the sea while we talked about travel plans, Patrick O'Brian, our kids (my son may have found an apartment today, their daughter's getting married next year) and SF books.

After supper we came back to the house to play "Dread Pirate", a board game where you try to amass all the booty while skirmishing and raiding your opponents. Aarrrgh! Fueled by mojitos, single malts and tea (we're well bred pirates) we raided each other at length until (Ta Da!) the queen of the pirates (me, of course) emerged triumphant and gloating in proper piratical fashion.

We'll get to that movie eventually. But tonight was a lot of fun.

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