Thursday, November 02, 2006

4 Stars from Romatic Times for Captain Sinister's Lady!

by Darlene Marshall

RT Rating: 4 Stars
Setting: 1820 High Seas and Florida
Publisher: Amber Quill Press
Published: December 2006
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Marshall's third book showcases the author's growth and increasing talent. The not-so-young hero will appeal to over-30 readers as well as any woman who yearns for a man to sweep her off her feet. The romance and sensuality are hot enough to fire a ship and tender enough to bring tears to a romantic's eyes.

Summary: Widow Amanda Stephenson is on her way to America to take her place as a semi-servant in a relative's household before starting her own business. Her marriage had been a good one, based on friendship, but now she wonders if there could be more.

Her curiosity is stretched to the limit when she meets Morgan Roberts, aka Captain Sinister, after the ship she's traveling on goes aground. An injury places her aboard the privateer's ship, and soon she's on her way to exploring a sensual ride that makes her weak in the knees. Amanda also discovers that with the right woman's love, even a wild beast can be tamed. (Amber Quill Press, Dec., 271 pp., $17.00) HOT

Faith V. Smith


Anonymous said...

That looks like a really good book!

Though, I've been trying to get Pirate's Price and it appears that B and N refuse to keep it in stock. ;_;

Boo. >_>

They...evidently don't keep anything of your's in stock. o_O

That's why my state sucks. x_x

But I'll keep looking, still. ^^

Darlene Marshall said...

Sorry you're having such problems finding my books! I hate to send people away from their local stores to Amazon, but I know you can easily purchase any of my books there.

Thanks for your interest!

Anonymous said...

Great review! Looking forward to reading the story -- hopefully over the holidays!