Thursday, November 23, 2006


I'm thankful that I have both my boys in for the holiday, even if the elder son's plane was delayed by three hours and involved a late night drive to Orlando. That's a small upset in the universe compared to being with your family. I'm grateful that the younger son's enjoying his college days at UF. I'm grateful that my husband turns 60 this year, having survived cancer and a heart attack. I'm also grateful to my husband for the long hours he works to make sure we're taken care of, and for many years ago being smarter than most of his peers and planning well for retirement.

I'm thankful that my hardworking agent snagged contracts overseas, and I'm thankful that that muse of mine who keeps falling asleep on the job is finally getting her act together.

I'm grateful for my good health and the continued health of my family.

I'm glad that I hate shopping and have zero desire to go out tomorrow to see what's on sale.

And as usual, when I'm feeling too smug about how good my life is, I'll go and re-read the Book of Job to remind myself that stuff happens, and that too is part of life.

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