Thursday, February 22, 2007

Boskone 44, Part Deux

I forgot to mention that I did a reading Saturday afternoon. And there were people there! Some of whom were strangers, which is a good thing. You want folks to show up at your readings who are there not solely because they're your friends, but because they have an interest in your writing.

I read a passage from Captain Sinister's Lady, and it seemed to go over well. It's not easy finding just the right passage where you don't need too much backstory, you're not giving too much away, and you can begin and end in the time alloted. This one worked because I was able to end it on a little bit of a cliffhanger, which is always good. Keeps 'em interested.

Sunday I was up relatively early for breakfast with my best friend, where we had, as they say in the Regencies, "a comfortable coze". We opted for Starbucks rather than the hotel restaurant, a good choice given the lines at the restaurant.

My last panel of the con was "Pirates in Petticoats" with Jane Yolen and late addition Victoria McManus. I felt especially prepared for this one, not only because I'd written a "chicks in breeches" pirate novel, Pirate's Price, but because I'd done the talk on female pirates to the University Women's Club just a few days earlier.

It was a lively discussion, and we covered a lot of territory. When Jane Yolen wrote at the beginning of her career about Anne Bonny and Mary Reade, there was very little on women pirates, but since then the field of available literature and histories has grown substantially. I'm glad I could do my part to contribute.

I left the convention early to catch a train to NYC, and I'm sorry I couldn't linger for the Dead Dog party. Maybe next year. I was very pleased to have a chance to see some of my online friends, the usual suspects from NESFA, and a host of other fen and pros. I'm looking forward to Boskone 45 and since I won't be at Worldcon this year, I hope to see scads of you there.


Anonymous said...

It's cool to hear you had fun. =)

Heh. Personally, I hate surprises. It's why I have the internet. I need to find out as much as I can about any new release I want to read. I suppose it's still alright seeing as how I run out to buy the book anyway, even if I spoiled myself on most of the plot. XD

Darlene Marshall said...

I think I'm at the point in my life where I sometimes like surprises, and other times enjoy the usual. For example, I don't expect Jayne Anne Krentz to surprise me in her books. She's a comfort read sort of thing. However, Laura Kinsale can still surprise me. I like that. And I just read The Scent of Shadows by Vicki Pettersson and it surprised me by not being the usual paranormal, which is another way of saying I recommend this debut novel.