Friday, February 02, 2007

Two steps forward, one step back

I realized midway through the chapter I was typing yesterday that the Work In Progress (WIP) wasn't going in the direction I wanted. I was moving away from the relationship and focusing too much on the quest. Plus, by taking them off the ship and putting them on a road trip on land, it was just not going where I wanted it to and it made the hero, a privateer, confusing.

What the book needs is more pirates! Always a good plan of action. Now, this will mean going back two chapters to when they were aboard ship and taking it from there, but I'm energized by the new direction the writing is going.

Yo ho ho.


L said...

More people should think like you.

Pirates make everything better.

Unless you're really being robbed, but pirates make everything else better.

Darlene Marshall said...

Yes, I'm putting a sticky note on my monitor that says "Got Pirates?"

It will help keep me on track.