Thursday, May 17, 2007

I should be writing (and will be, shortly, honest!) but it's "Be Nice to the Snake Day" so I moved Frisky the corn snake's terrarium from my son's room out into a more public area, cleaned it, put in a new climbing tree and a new liner.

I don't like snakes, but they don't freak me out either. Frisky's been with us a loooooong time. So long that he got a cameo part in Smuggler's Bride. Long enough that his owner, my son, went to college, graduated from college, got a job and an apartment and still has excuses why the darn snake can't come live with him.

Ah well. It's family. You can't just throw them out 'cause you don't like dealing with them (I'm referring to the snake, not the son).

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