Monday, June 25, 2007

I just walked out to get a glass of water and hearing a crackling noise looked over at the snake's terrarium. Frisky is shedding his skin, which is kind of cool to watch. He drags himself over the rough bark of the tree branch in his environment, and it helps pull the old skin off.

What's less cool is I have to clean his cage tonight. Did I mention this isn't even my snake? No, it belongs to my absent son, who has managed to fly on every trip home, primarily, I believe, so I can't stick his snake in the back of the car and wave a fond 'bon voyage!'

*Sigh* I hope when I die and go to stand in judgment before the Heavenly Court someone will say "Well, she may have been a real b*tch at times, but she took care of the snake."

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