Sunday, June 10, 2007

Today's Library Talk

I thought it went well. The crowd was small, but the High Springs Branch library was friendly and welcoming. And it was, I swear, 100F outside according to my car's thermometer, so it was a good day to be inside talking about pirates.

I did my spiel on Florida pirates and the West Indies Anti-Piracy campaign of the 1820's, sold some books, discussed Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and debated whether Orlando Bloom pushed out Johnny Depp for biggest heartthrob in this one (did I mention the audience was all women?).

One of the neat things about today's talk, for me, was when I was reviewing my notes and my texts I ran across something I can use in the scene I'm writing tomorrow. So it's all good.

And if any of you are reading this within 100 miles of Gainesville, I am willing to take my show on the road to a library or bookstore in your community. I'll even bring my pirate flag and my chest of chocolate "booty".

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