Sunday, September 09, 2007

Yes, the bathroom is finally finished. Bob the Contractor put the last touches on it Friday, and I wanted to take pictures while it's still pristine.

I don't know that the pictures will show the true colors well, but the walls are a pale celadon green with white trim. I believe we got the simple Asian/spa look I was going for. I'm quite pleased about the mirrors and the vanity table. Bob built those himself using recycled wood from some shelves we had to tear out for the remodeling. And if any of you are thinking of putting in vessel sinks, be aware there's a bit of a learning curve on them. You have to learn not to run the water so hard that it splashes out of the bowl and onto the counter and walls.

The shower door is etched with a bamboo design, and the door to the toilet has a rice paper film over the panels. I have much more usable storage space in the bathroom than I had before, and better lighting. These pictures were taken mid-morning to get the full effect of the light coming in from the skylight and the window over the tub.

with lights on

sinks and mirrors, plant hanging down

The shower Door

Shower interior

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