Monday, October 22, 2007

It's been a hectic day, and not in the "I got a lot of writing done" sense. I got home late in the morning from traveling to a friend's wedding in North Carolina. That was a fun weekend, but getting up at 4:30 a.m. to catch a flight home kind of puts a damper on my brain activity for the rest of the day.

Then the vet called and said while they were cleaning Yofi's teeth they discovered two needed to be extracted. I knew one was potentially rotten, and she is nine years old, but the other caught me by surprise. Poor puppy! She's now home again, resting after her ordeal and will be on soft foods and antibiotics for the rest of the week.

I know the rest of my pup's family and apparently there's a genetic predisposition there to have tooth issues. It's my fault too--while I've always given her dental aiding treats and rawhide chews, I haven't been brushing her teeth. My dachshund is wonderfully good natured, but that's where she drew the line, and I didn't insist on it when she was a pup. So we're paying for it now. Literally.

When I dropped her off Friday for boarding and what I thought would be a cleaning, I told the staff to be sure to give her pain meds if she had an extraction. Pain meds are optional, and I paused as I was signing the consent form and said, "Who wouldn't want to give their dog pain meds?" I was gently reminded that the dental procedure is expensive, and for some families that's a tough choice they have to make. I was abashed, but also glad that I don't have to hesitate to give my dog pain medication if she needs it.

So Yofi's on her bed next to me as I type this, still groggy from her dental work. I hope she'll be back to herself in a few days.

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