Monday, October 15, 2007

So I'm watching Heroes in real time, which means I'm watching commercials too. One comes on for a toy playhouse for little girls, all in pink and pastels, and it features a kitchen and a laundry room and the tag line is "Make her dreams come true" as the little girl is shoving play clothes into the dryer.

"Make her dreams come true"? Doing laundry? Cleaning house? I don't think so! Those are chores, not dreams! I am incensed! If you want to do a commercial for little girls with the tagline "make her dreams come true" how about showing her practicing surgery?! Or landscape gardening? Or being an astronaut? What year is this, 1955?

Did the last 40 years of women's liberation go away when I wasn't looking?

And I won't even mention the "Always" pad commercial with the electric bull.

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