Sunday, December 30, 2007

There's a great spoof of romance blogs and the world of romance small press publishers here at "C'um Hither Global Blog"(No, that's not a typo. At least, not my typo).

I don't know who these folks are, but they're amusing.


Grateful said...

Thank you Darlene! Your patronage is very much appreciated!

And no, the spelling isn't a typo.. it's only that "Come Hither" is so yesterday and "cum" imparts all those porny images. That wouldn't be kind to the readers! But I hope your friends will "C'um Hither" over and enjoy the little parodies.

Out of lurk for a few moments
& with affection,
The C'um Hither "staff"

Grateful said...

And congratulations on your EPPIE 2007 win!

Darlene said...

Thanks, guys! Keep up the good work at your end, and know that your snark is most appreciated.